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Hangers and Shelfs


Key and/or Jewelry Hanger and hidden shelf for mail and other knickknacks. 20x28cm

"Heima er best" - Home Sweet Home
"Futhark" - The Viking Runic Alphabet in its original order (FUÞARK-HNIAS-TBMLR) 
Both are available in black or white, and also available with "Strá" (Straws) design on front.


Clothes Hanger with hidden shelf. 20x60cm

"Strá" - Straws
Available in black and white, also available with Futhark and Heima er Best


Clothes Hanger with hidden shelf. 20x96cm. Available in white and black.
"Futhark" - Viking Runic Alphabet (FUÞARK-HNIAS-TBMLR)