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Concrete candle columns inspired by basalt columns (Studlaberg in Icelandic) 
which is a majestic rock formation found in Iceland's idyllic nature. 
The candle holders accommodate the use of both tea lights and tall, tapered candles.
Available in sets of three or six and also as individual pieces in 10cm, 15cm and 20cm heights. 
Oak bases have 1cm deep cutouts that are the exact shapes of the candle columns. 
There are three variations of oak bases to accommodate single columns or sets of 3 or 6 candle columns.  

Featured in Cool Hunting
"Referencing basalt columns found in Iceland the range uses solid cast concrete, 
taking on a beautifully cold personality that contrasts nicely with the warm light of lit candles. 
Not only are we drawn to the spare aesthetic but we appreciate the use of concrete 
as a creative material - an integral ingredient in contemporary Nordic architecture." 

Set of three columns, one in each size. 

Four single columns with wood bases. 

A grand set of six columns with oak base.

Nine single concrete candle columns clustered together, no wood base. 

Candle holders accommodate both tea lights and tapers. 

Available for sale in Epal, Skeifan 6, Iceland and in Kraum, Aðalstræti 10, Iceland.

Please contact for international orders. Custom ordered bases may be possible.