In Iceland there is a spirit = ANDI, in everything as we have countless of words that contain the ending -andi in them.


May this poster be an inspiration and a reminder to find the spirit in eveything you may be doing and everything you are being.


The hidden spirit words in this poster are; 

Andandi = Breathing (breath / life spirit).

Dansandi = Dancing (dancing spirit).

Elskandi = Loving (love spirit). 

Fagnandi = Celebrating (celebration spirit).

Frelsandi = Freeing (freedom spirit).

Gefandi = Giving (fulfilling spirit).

Heilandi = Healing (healing spirit).

Hugsandi = Thinking (thinking spirit).

Hjálpandi = Helping (helping spirit)

Kyssandi = Kissing (kissing / caring spirit)

Ljómandi = Glowing / excellence (shining spirit).

Njótandi = Enjoying (enjoyment spirit).

Rísandi = Rising (elevating spirit).

Spyrjandi = Asking (asking spirit).

Vakandi = Awake (awakened spirit).

Verandi = Being (Being spirit).

Þiggjandi =Receiving (receiving spirit).

Spirit in Everything Poster