These concrete candle columns derive their simple form and inspiration from the basalt column formations found in Iceland's idyllic nature. These rock formations are called studlaberg in Icelandic and can be found in various locations in Iceland.


(The newest and most noticable place to see these basalt column formations is at Stuðlagil... google it for stunning pictures...) 


These velvety, soft concrete pieces make the most glorious light flicker patterns when placed together as a set of three or more. And, just to infuse these candle holders with even more icelandic inspired magic, we decided to sprinkle some volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajökull into the concrete so they do contain some real Icelandic earthiness. The concrete candle holders are fully made in Iceland by B.M. Vallá and the wooden bases to match are made by arTTré (


The candle holders are designed to accommodate the use of both tea lights and tall, tapered candles.


Available as single pieces in 10cm, 15cm and 20cm heights or as set of three or a set of six with several options for wood bases. 


The bases are hexagonal in shape like the candle holders and come in oak, white, pink, light blue and black. 


Featured in Cool Hunting: 

"Referencing basalt columns found in Iceland the range uses solid cast concrete, 

taking on a beautifully cold personality that contrasts nicely with the warm light of lit candles. 

Not only are we drawn to the spare aesthetic but we appreciate the use of concrete 

as a creative material - an integral ingredient in contemporary Nordic architecture." 

Stuðlar - stjakar úr steypu / Concrete Candle Holders