30 x 40 cm Inspira Spirit Poster


In Iceland there is a spirit in everything. Our whole language is comprised of words that contain the word spirit or andi as it is named in Icelandic. The direct translation of the word andi is in fact, spirit


Icelanders have hundreds of words that contain andi in them whether they be verbs, adjectives or nouns as the ending -andi is in fact an extremely common ending to words in Icelandic and is similarly used as the english ending -ing.  

May you always be reminded that no matter what you are doing or who you are being you are and always will be... in spirit



This poster is 30 x 40cm and comes in a partially hidden, lower case font.

A similar poster with the same words in DOTTED Upper Case font are available in 50 x 70cm size.

Find it HERE.


The spirit words on this poster mean the following;  

Lifandi = living (life spirit)

Gefandi = giving (give spirit)

Vakandi = awakened (awakened spirit)

Andandi = breathing (breath / life spirit)

Elskandi = loving (love spirit)

Skapandi = creating (creative spirit)


In Iceland, we are by our language alone surrounded by spirit and our language is infused with words to remind us of it. Spirit is pretty much infused and ingrained into everything around us as it is also witnessed in our magestic nature, as well as in our people, culture, folklore and heritage.


Whether you speak Icelandic or not, may these spirit (andi) words always remind you that no matter what you are doing and who you are being, you are always in spirit


At InspIra we simply love being in spirit!

Lifandi... Skapandi Plakat / Poster